Florence — The Garden in the Castello Villa

Florence – The Garden in the Castello Villa

The Villa situated in Castello is one of the most ancient country residences which belonged to the Medici family, who had owned it since 1477. The villa was Cosimo I’s favourite. Cosimo I was highly fascinated by this beautiful  location, where he used to spend most of his  time. He was particularly  attached to the Garden, which was designed one year after his coronation as Grand Duke in 1538. Because of its symbolic and elegant aspect, the garden has been object of detailed studies and it is also seen as an allegory of the Prince’s power, identified with its statues, its fountains and its grottoes. Nowadays, the Villa is closed to the public, but visitors can access its beautiful Garden, where they can experience the richness of its fruits and the rarity of its plants, set among Classical and Renaissance sculptures. One of the most interesting spots in the garden is the Animal Grotto, where  once were ornamental water features, currently closed for restoration.

Further information  about the Garden in Castello can be found at Piccoligrandimusei

Entrance is free

Opening times  in JUNE 2017

8,30 am - 13.30 pm
last entrance h. 13.00

2                      VENERDI’/Friday
3                      SABATO/Saturday  
4                      DOMENICA/ Sunday
10                    SABATO/Saturday  
11                    DOMENICA/ Sunday
12                    LUNEDI’/Monday
17                    SABATO/Saturday 
18                    DOMENICA/ Sunday
19                    LUNEDI’/Monday
21                    MERCOLEDI/Wednesday
23                    VENERDI’/Friday  
24                    SABATO/Saturday 
25                    DOMENICA/ Sunday

13.00 am - 18.30 pm
 last entrance h. 18.00

12                      LUNEDI’/Monday
17                      SABATO/Saturday  
18                      DOMENICA/ Sunday
19                      LUNEDI’/Monday
29                      GIOVEDI’/Thursday
30                      VENERDI’/Friday 

Opening times  in JULY 2017

8,30 am - 13.30 pm
last entrance h. 13.00

2 DOMENICA/ Sunday
7 VENERDI’/Friday 
8 SABATO/Saturday  
9 DOMENICA/ Sunday 
10 LUNEDI’/Monday
17 LUNEDI’/Monday
29 SABATO/Saturday   
30 DOMENICA/ Sunday

13.00 am - 18.30 pm
last entrance h. 18.00

1 SABATO/Saturday   
2 DOMENICA/ Sunday
10 LUNEDI’/Monday
11 MARTEDI/ Tuesday
13 GIOVEDI’/Thursday
15 SABATO/Saturday
17 LUNEDI’/Monday
22 SABATO/Saturday   
Please check the Garden’s opening times on the day in which you would like to schedule your visit. For any information you can call the number + 39 055 452691. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How to reach the Villa:

By plane: from Florence Amerigo Vespucci airport, you can reach Florence Santa Maria Novella railway station by bus (airport bus service VOLA IN BUS); from the railway station, take bus number 2 or 28.

By car: take the exit FIRENZE NORD on highway A1 and follow the directions to Sesto Fiorentino. When you reach R. Giulianistreet, follow the directions to the Villa.

By train: from  Florence Santa Maria Novella railway station take a regional train to Bologna. Get off at the Firenze- Castellostation.

By bus: from Florence Santa Maria Novella railway station take bus number 2 or 28. Get off at the Sestese 03 bus stop.

Accessibility for visitors with limited mobility : the path within the Garden is accessible in most parts.

Firenze (FI) — Giardino della Villa di Castello, esternoFirenze (FI) - Giardino della Villa di Castello, esternoFirenze (FI) - Giardino della Villa di Castello, esterno